Wuhan Guangxun Technology and BECIS Signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement

27 Sep, 2022

On September 7, Wuhan Guangxun Technology Co., Ltd. and BECIS China signed an investment cooperation agreement for the distributed PV power plant project in the Optoelectronics Industrial Park.

武汉光迅科技股份有限公司董事长、党委副书记、总经理黄宣泽, BECIS中国区总经理黄春乐出席活动并代表双方签约。

Mr. Huang Xuanze, chairman, deputy secretary of the party committee, and general manager of Wuhan Guangxun Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Hally Huang, general manager of BECIS China, attended the event and signed the contract on behalf of both parties.


During the meeting, BECIS gave a systematic introduction to the current Solar power industry and the signed project. Hally Huang pointed out that the cooperation of this project has great significance and is a good start for the two parties to cooperate in future clean energy fields. The project team will carry out relevant work as planned and complete the construction of the PV system within this year, helping Accelink to achieve the  “Dual-Carbon” goal.



Mr. Huang Xuanze emphasized in his speech that as a state-owned enterprise, it is the company’s duty to respond to the call of the country and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. The company pays great attention to environmental, social, and governance work including “Dual Carbon”.  This distributed PV power plant project is a very good example of reducing carbon emissions. It is hoped that this cooperation will be used as an opportunity to systematically sort out, analyze, demonstrate and implement energy saving, carbon emission reduction, and environmental protection actions, and gradually promote the company’s “Dual Carbon” works.



According to the agreement, the two parties will carry out more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in the future based on the principle of long-term cooperation and mutual benefit, gradually promote carbon reduction work based on green energy and establish a low-carbon corporate image of Accelink.



Xu Yong, deputy general manager of the company and leader of the “Dual Carbon” committee. Zhang Chun, senior business development manager of BECIS China, and other relevant people attended the signing ceremony.