SBA Singapore 2020/21, held on 7th December 2021.

The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) aims to increase awareness of sustainable business best practices. They uniquely demonstrate the importance of sustainability for companies, the environment and all stakeholders, today and in the future. The SBA rewards companies both large and SMEs, encouraging them on their journey to become truly sustainable businesses through:  
  • Enhancing corporate brands by formally recognising their Sustainability efforts
  • Provide companies with insights on their Sustainability footprint and assess their comparative positioning vis-a-vis peers
  • Invite participants to be a part of a select network of Sustainability-minded businesses


Business sustainability has many definitions. The SBA methodology combines the best features of benchmarking and awards processes globally to deliver green strategy and business advantage. The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) uses a comprehensive framework assessing business action across twelve categories.

12 Sustainability Pillars of the SBAs


Winner: Land Use & Biodiversity

BECIS did well on Management of Grievances Related to Land Use and Biodiversity (9.2) and Support of External Frameworks on Land Use (9.3). This is an indicator of the firm’s commitment to address responsible land use, biodiversity conservation, and their impacts on communities.
BECIS is continuously developing and improving institutional capacity with designated E&S professionals to help the company understand, assess and manage their E&S impacts and risks associated with projects. This is done through a rigorous 2-tier due diligence process. They also have policies to ensure that developments are mainly on brownfield sites to reduce direct impact on greenfield sites.

SBA certificate awarded to BECIS in the category of Land Use & Biodiversity

SBA congratulatory graphic presented to BECIS for winning the category of Land Use & Biodiversity

For more information regarding the Sustainable Business Awards please visit www.sustainablebusinessawards.com