BECIS China Team Brought an Interesting Science Lecture on Solar Energy

15 Nov, 2022


On the afternoon of November 11, the BECIS China team brought an interesting science lecture on solar energy to the 4th grade children of Langxia Primary School in Jinshan District. Mr. Rao Zhicheng, the business developing and marketing manager of BECIS, explained the principle of solar power generation, the importance and application scenarios of solar energy as a clean energy in a friendly and concise language. He also showed the relevant information about a BECIS factory rooftop photovoltaic power station project in Jinshan District, allowing children to understand how the solar power station supplies power to the manufacturing industry.


The rain stopped after the presentation, and the sun came out. Mr. Rao showed the process of a 20w solar cell supplying power to a small fan, a humidifier, and small light bulb as an interactive demonstration with the student representatives. This attracted the great interest of the children, and they actively raised good questions, such as the lifespan of solar cells, change of the generation voltages, how to store solar energy, etc. After Q&A, BECIS distributed solar-powered toy cars to the children during the experience session. As the solar cell provided energy, the toy car wheels spun in the hands of the children, and the playground was full of amazed and cheerful sounds.


At present, various countries are facing the challenges of energy development and climate change. BECIS company understands that energy education is a key part of sustainable development, therefore we would like to advance the new energy education, improve the children’s awareness of new energy, environmental protection. We hope the children pay more attention to clean energy in their future daily life , focus on a low-carbon lifestyle.



Thanks to the principal and teachers of Langxia Primary School in Jinshan District for their support. Also, thanks to the BECIS members contributed in this CSR event, who are Elaine Yun, EHS Manager, Corinna Zhang, BD Associate, and Dillon Rao, BD and Marketing Manager.