On Dec.1, BECIS China and Yaskawa Electric (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. successfully held an COD ceremony for a DG rooftop solar plant project which BECIS invested at Yaskawa Shenyang factory. This 2.84MWp solar plant could generate 2,914,764kWh annually, which could cut the CO2 emissions by 1662 tons per year. 


Our management team attended the ceremony, including Arnaud Dauvillier, Managing Director of China, Thailand & Malaysia; Hally Huang, GM of BECIS China. As well as leaders from Yaskawa Electric (Shenyang) Co., Ltd, including Kewen Xu, Director Vice President Deputy manager; Tanaka Nobuyuki, Manager of Technology Dept. and other attendees joined this event. 

BECIS执行董事Arnaud DauvillierBECIS中国总经理黄春乐等代表,以及安川电机(沈阳)有限公司管理本部徐克文本部长,技术部田中部长等领导出席了此次活动 

The Director Vice President Deputy manager of Yaskawa Shenyang, Mr. Xu, delivered a speech and expressed his appreciation for BECIS’s rapid and high-quality delivery of the project. He emphasized the pivotal role of this solar plant, situated at the Shenyang factory, as the largest solar plant within the Yaskawa Group. Mr. Xu underscored Yaskawa Electric (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.’s unwavering dedication to reducing the Group’s CO2 emissions by 51% by 2030 compared to 2018. He also reiterated the company’s proactive stance in promoting green energy solutions. 


Arnaud Dauvillier, Managing Director of BECIS and Hally Huang, General Manager of BECIS China, expressed their gratitude to the Yaskawa team for their unwavering support, and the dedication of our EPC partner, enabling the realization of the solar project in an impressive four-month timeframe. The solar plant not only reflects Yaskawa’s ambitious commitment to achieving a sustainable future but also symbolizes the beginning of a collaboration in the green energy sector for both parties. Mr. Dauvillier and Mr. Huang expressed BECIS’s aspiration to provide additional green energy solutions to Yaskawa beyond solar power, and jointly we could create a greener future. 

BECIS执行董事Arnaud DauvillierBECIS中国总经理黄春乐对安川团队的坚定支持及我们的EPC合作伙伴的不懈努力表示感谢,正是因为多方和谐合作,这座太阳能电站才得以在四个月的时间内落成太阳能电站不仅体现了安川对可持续的未来的承诺,也象征着双方在绿色能源领域合作的开始他们表达了BECIS希望为安川电机提供的更多绿色能源解决方案,共同创造一个更清洁的未来 

Then, leaders from both parties joined hands to cut the ribbon, with attendees witnessing the historic moment that solidified the collaboration’s success. After the ceremony, the BECIS team embarked on a visit to Yaskawa’s production line, fostering deeper communication and understanding between the two organizations. BECIS CN team is honored to work together with the century old Yaskawa to assist its green transformation path. This comprehensive engagement underscores the commitment of both Yaskawa and BECIS to a sustainable future through collaborative green energy initiatives. 


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