On January 31st, 2024, 30 tons of rice husk ash were donated to Udom Soriya Community, located at Taso Village, Udom soriya Commune, Tramkok District, Takeo Province.

This initiative, led by Mr. Sovanny Ou, ES & HS Manager for BECIS Cambodia collaborated with Mr. Kong Moeun, Chief of the Udom Soriya Agricultural Community, in providing techniques and components such as ash for farmers to produce compost and natural fertilizer to increase productivity in vegetable and rice growing with less cost.  

During the event, Mr. Sotheara, Plant Manager for BECIS Cambodia, shared an overview of renewable energy, its benefits, and how farmers are involved in this sustainable project. 

For sustainable environment, Mr. Kol Kuon, Sourcing Manager for BECIS Cambodia, said that farmers play a very important role in the business, especially rice farmers as the biomass plant consumes a lot of rice husk per year, we do need farmers to produce more rice to get more rice husk to burn for heat generating. 


The event runs smoothly and successfully. We were delighted to see a happy smile from farmers and the pleasure of being part of their transformation into a green environment. Thanks, BECIS Cambodia team, for your effort and support of this event. 


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