On Nov 2, 2021, BECIS and Dole Philippines Inc. inaugurated a 1.749 MWp grid-tied onsite solar project for the Dole Polomolok facility in South Cotabato. The 4,264 solar panels installed on the rooftop of the Biomass Shed, building 9 and 10 will harness the power of the Sun, supplying a total of about 73 Gigawatt hours in a span of the 20-year PPA term, displacing about 15% of their conventional grid supply.

This marks the completion of the total solar capacity for Dole at 3.055 MWp that includes two other Dole facilities in Surallah, South Cotabato with 708 kWp and Carmen, Davao del Norte with 597.98 kWp onsite solar installations.

During this groundbreaking ceremony, key representatives from BECIS and DOLE shared the following messages:

Engr. Gregory Lofamia, BECIS Philippines Country Director/ Head of Operations: “Our project development journey has definitely met many challenges. We are still in the midst of a health crisis and the pandemic has deeply affected us personally, as well as professionally. Many aspects of doing business have evolved such as permitting processes and the movement of equipment, documents, and people. Typhoons and natural calamities have also visited us every now and then. But with passion, teamwork, and perseverance, we have overcome. Together, let us continue to live out our shared commitment, to promote sustainable practices for the good of our stakeholders, our society, and our planet. “

Mr. Nicholaos Yiannakis, Dole Philippines VP and Managing Director: “It’s a time, not for words, but it’s a time for action, and I think this is absolutely one of those kinds of actions that its proud to be part of an organization and part of a community to take on of those actions. This is my last month here in Dole Phils, and it’s great to do something like this. I’d like to thank the full team, that have made this a possibility. This is an action that is not for us. This is really for our children, and our children’s children. Because many people have got children and grandchildren, and the reality is the world that we are giving to them is not what they deserve. They deserve much better…These are the kinds of actions that need to be done…Its highly politicized. Many people are talking about going green, going neutral. To be fair, neutral is not negative. We should be thinking about going negative. Because only by going negative can we regenerate the world to where it is…This is really a step forward. So, on my behalf, I’d like to thank you very much personally. And behalf of Dolefil. And let’s look at the next projects that can make us go from neutral to negative.’’

Mr. Reynaldo Doria, Dole Philippines General Manager: “We are doing the right actions for the community. We also want to trail blaze and be role models as well for the community, to embark on similar projects like this, moving forward. We do this not just for the planet, but definitely because we care for the people and also for our future generations. “


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