Compressed Air as a Service

Under CAaaS model, BECIS helps to shift the responsibility of compressed air supply, operation, and maintenance, unlocking energy efficiency and cost savings.

BECIS Compressed Air as a Service

Typical Issues with Compressed Air

  • Inadequate maintenance, inefficient equipment, improper sizing, corrosion, contamination, and pressure drops are common factors that frequently lead to efficiency losses and other operational setbacks.

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Operational costs, primarily attributed to energy consumption and maintenance, tend to dominate the overall expenses of compressed air systems, often exacerbated by issues of low efficiency and system losses.

Waste Heat Recovery

  • A substantial portion, reaching up to 94%, of the energy supplied to compressors is dissipated as heat. This heat, when harnessed through waste heat recovery, has the potential to enhance overall efficiency, decrease electricity consumption, and mitigate CO2 emissions.

CAaaS by BECIS will eliminate the OPEX cost risk and provide guaranteed energy savings, high efficiency and availability of the compressed air plant.