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Onsite Solar Power Plant at TDK India Pvt. Ltd., Kalyani, West Bengal, India


The customer wanted to install a solar power plant on the existing rooftop of the facility to reduce the carbon footprint by increasing consumption of green energy and decrease the consumption of power from conventional sources like grid power and diesel generator.


The plant has five separate workshops having metal sheet roofs and one office building having an RCC rooftop. The plant falls under high wind intensity zone.

The metal sheet roofs have slopes in the range of 18-20 degrees, posing safety hazard for installation and maintenance activities.

Also, there were other challenges like timely material supply, manpower availability, etc. because of Covid.


The solar plant was designed such that four out of the five metal sheet rooftops and one RCC rooftop of the office building are utilized to set up 1.01 MWp of the solar power plant.

High strength metal made module mounting structures have been installed, to withstand a wind speed of 180 Km/h as per IS-875.

On the metal sheet roofs, leveled zero degree walkways are installed for safe roof access during operation and maintenance. Alongside the walkways, we have also installed a safety lifeline. Also, we have installed guard rails along the roof edges as secondary protection to safeguard from fall hazard. Highest standard of electrical safety is followed at site including SPD1+2, microprocessor based LSIG breakers, and reverse power protection unit.

The solar power is fed into three injection points which have been strategically placed to maximize the utilization of power and reduce power losses because of long cables. The installed modules and inverters are BIS, EN, and IS certified.

We made sure all precautionary safety measures from the installation and Covid perspective were taken during installation of solar power plant.

The solar power plant is generating about 1.4 million units of electricity annually, thus helping in reducing more than 1,200 tonnes of carbon emissions.

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