Tata Motors – India – Solar.

Tata Motors demonstrates a strong commitment to reducing the effects of climate change.


Tata Motors Ltd., an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company is committed to adopting green initiatives in their operations. The organization aimed to generate about 20% of its annual on-premise power requirements through onsite solar power and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.


The Tata Motors project presented a number of technical and project implementation challenges. The metal and RCC rooftops on the large facilities had multiple orientations and the solution would need to be optimized across multiple points. The project implementation would also need to minimise disruptions to operations.


BECIS curated an onsite solar solution using high capacity modules and multi-MPPT inverters. A robust mounting structure was used instead of a regular aluminium long rail. Power is also evacuated at various substations through dedicated metering current transformers and meters.

Tata Motors Project
Tata Motors Onsite Project
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