SIIX – China – Solar.

Clean energy will help SIIX achieve an estimated GHG reduction of 46,000 tCO2e over 25 years and embrace corporate social responsibility.


SIIX Corporation plans to promote installation of solar panels to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.


Considering the local environmental protection requirements, part of the roof needed to be reserved to install environmental protection equipment, which would reduce the design capacity and limit GHG reduction. Additionally, the construction period is also impacted by local PV policies.


The solution was designed maximising the utilisation rate of the roof area, and corresponding GHG reduction. In terms of the construction period, BECIS selected experienced construction partners to keep the construction continuous and steady. Additional careful monitoring of weather, optimised allocation of personnel, and coordination of materials, enabled a smooth implementation.

SIIX China Solar Panel
SIIX China Solar Power
SIIX China Solar Energy
SIIX China Solar System
SIIX China Solar Panel
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