OmniActive – India – Solar.

OmniActive goes renewable, moving closer to net zero emissions target.


OmniActive sought out solutions to move closer to achieving its target of net zero emissions and reducing its cost of electricity.


The OmniActive project would be installed across a number of large rooftops, which would also require laying over two kilometres of communication cable. The solution would also need to ensure no back-feed of electricity into the grid and synchronisation of all plants spread across the facility.


The onsite solar solution provided by BECIS has enabled OmniActive to make significant strides towards achieving emissions reduction goals while also achieving reductions in cost of electricity. High-efficiency modules and multi-string inverters were used to maximise the generation for the given rooftop area. Additionally, an online system provided real-time performance and data monitoring, reverse power protection and DG-synchronisation.

OmniActive India Project
OmniActive India Solar Solutions
OmniActive Solar Porject India
OmniActive India Solutions
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