Mainetti – Vietnam – Solar.

Mainetti Vietnam moves closer to net zero carbon emissions.


Mainetti, the world’s leading supplier of sustainable retail solutions is committed to net zero carbon emissions. As part of their commitment to green manufacturing, Mainetti wanted to obtain Lotus Gold Certification for their plant in Dong Nai.


The Mainetti project presented a number of structural challenges ranging from an aged roof to the presence of multiple skylights that needed to remain uncovered to provide natural lighting to the warehouse.


The onsite solar solution delivered included structural work to reinforce the roof. The design layout accommodated the skylights, preserving the natural lighting and also incorporated walkways and lifelines to ensure safe access for construction and maintenance. Mainetti will achieve an estimated emissions reduction of 14,150 tCO2e by 2030, contributing to their net zero goals.

Onsite Solar Mainetti Vietnam
Mainetti Vietnam Onsite Project
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