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KPIT's new solar carport marks the start of their green energy journey.


KPIT had an open car parking lot area of more than 8,000 sq. meters; and decided to set up a solar power plant in the area that will help as a cover for cars as well as generate green energy.


The main challenge was to set up the solar power plant without affecting the existing landscape of the property. There are multiple trees in the area that had to be retained. Secondly, the solar plant installation location is at more than 275 meters away from the power injection point. The plant generation is optimised to minimise power transmission losses.


The solar plant layout is designed such that existing trees were not cut. The structure columns are placed keeping in view of turning radius of cars. Cars of all sizes can easily maneuver in the parking lot.

The team installed movable scaffoldings to facilitate the cleaning. Isolators were implemented to every inverter for enhanced safety and remote controlling. The team also added an online system for real-time monitoring of solar power generation and overall plant performance.

The solar plant is installed under the ‘Net Metering’ mechanism. In this, the excess electricity generated is fed to the grid and that energy is consumed by KPIT during evening hours. That is an added benefit to KPIT as the excess un-consumed power is not wasted.

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KPIT India Solar
KPIT India Solar
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