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Bengaluru Airport – India.

One of the largest rooftop solar power plant developed for airport facility in India.


To further the initiative of long-term sustainability, Bengaluru International Airport showed a keen desire to utilize its partners facilities roofs to generate solar power. The onsite power plant designed, engineered, constructed, and operated by BECIS has enabled the airport to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions whilst also supporting the airport’s goal of becoming 100% powered by renewable energy.


  • To customize the installation across eight roofs with different roof types and orientations.
  • To design the power plant to mitigate the risk and impact of glare for the pilots and aircraft.
  • To develop, construct, and operate the power plant in a high-security environment while ensuring adherence to the airport's stringent policies relating to materials management and workforce safety.


  • A 3,350kWp solar PV power plant was installed across eight rooftops within the airport premises.
  • BECIS used high-efficiency Mono PERC PV Modules to maximize the generation for the given area for the benefit of the customer.
  • The lightweight, leak-proof, and corrosion-free module mounting structures were custom-designed to sustain high wind speeds.
  • High-performance multi-string inverters were installed for maximum power generation.
  • The commissioning of the power plant was done in phases to maximize the cost savings for the customer whilst adhering to BECIS and the airport's stringent health and safety guidelines.
  • Cloud-based solar power plant management (IoT) systems developed in-house installed for real-time performance and data monitoring.
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