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Bengaluru Airport – India.

This is one of the largest rooftop solar power plant developed for airport facility in India.

Why this project?

In the simple of words, it has been one of the largest rooftop solar power plants developed for an airport facility in India, to date!


Client Brief?

Bengaluru International Airport has always been keen on undertaking green initiatives that benefit both – the environment as well as the airport’s efficiency. To this effect, the Airport Management briefed BECIS on its desire to make the most of the otherwise unused roofs of their partner facilities, to generate solar power. It was the Airport Management’s belief that this project would help further the Airport’s objective of long-term sustainability.

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Challenges faced?

No project comes without its own challenges, and the circumstances were no different with this one. Some of the major roadblocks we faced, with Bengaluru International Airport’s aim of generating solar power were


  • To customise the installation across eight roofs, all different from one another in their built, design and orientations.
  • To design the power plant, while mitigating any possible risk of glare for the pilots and the aircrafts in general.
  • To develop, construct, and operate the power plant in a high-security environment while ensuring complete adherence with the airport's stringent material management and workforce safety policies.

Solutions offered at BECIS

Our team at BECIS installed a 3,350 kWp Solar PV Power Plant, across eight rooftops.We have used high-efficiency Mono PERC PV Modules to maximize the generation for the given area, to benefit the customers.

We also custom designed lightweight, leak-proof, and corrosion-proof module-mounting structures, which could sustain high-speed winds. Furthermore, we have installed high-performance multi-string inverters, to ensure maximum power generation.

The commissioning of the power plant was done in phases to maximize the cost savings for the customer whilst adhering to BECIS as well as the airport's stringent health and safety guidelines.

Lastly, we enabled the in-house development of cloud-based solar power plant management (IoT) systems to facilitate real-time performance and data monitoring.

Benefits to the clients

Owing to the onsite power plant designed, engineered, constructed, and operated by BECIS the airport now enjoys multiple benefits, the most significant of which are as mentioned below -

bengluru case study

Reduced electricity costs

bengluru case study

Diminished carbon emissions

bengluru case study

Becoming 100% powered by renewable energy
By Renewable Energy

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