Bengaluru Airport – India.

Utilising unused rooftops to build one of the largest airport solar power plants in India.


Bengaluru International Airport expressed ambitions to make the most of the unused roofs of their partner facilities, to generate solar power. The Airport Management viewed this project as one that would contribute towards the Airport’s long-term sustainability objectives.


This project required customising the installation across eight roofs with variations in their build, design and orientations. The solution would also need to be designed to reduce risk of glare for the pilots and the aircrafts. Lastly, as an active airport, the project would need to be constructed in adherence to the requirements of a high-security environment.


BECIS installed a system across eight rooftops using high-efficiency Mono PERC PV Modules to maximize the generation for the given area. Custom lightweight, leak-proof, and corrosion-proof module-mounting structures were designed, which could sustain high-speed winds. The commissioning of the solution was also done in phases to maximize the cost savings for the customer . Lastly, an in-house developed cloud-based plant management (IoT) system was deployed to facilitate real-time performance and data monitoring.

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