On 11th October, BECIS and UOB has jointly organised this sustainability seminar “Beyond Solar to Reach Your Decarbonisation Target” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which aims to provide knowledge to manufacturing companies & commercial facilities to develop their sustainability programmes beyond solar as well as to provide knowledge to corporations with a great emphasis in sustainability to play a crucial role in driving the transition towards a green economy.

We have seen an accelerated transition to the green economy to tackle the devastating effects of climate change. Climate change & sustainability has become a salient topic for debate amongst government leaders and corporations such as the recent announcement by Malaysia government on The National Energy Policy 2022 – 2040, which set to increase the percentage of renewable energy in total primary energy supply from 7.2% to 17% (to consist of primarily of 4% solar, 4% bioenergy and 8% hydro). Hence, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes imperative for economic sectors to follow suit, particularly if it is a prerequisite to doing business. 

The seminar event was presented by 2 speakers, Donato Cantalupo from BECIS on “BECIS Energy as a Service for Sustainable Solutions” and Jasper Wong from UOB on “Simplifying Sustainable Financing through UOB’s Smart City Framework. Ugo Siegfried Bernal our Director of Commercial Solution presented on our BECIS value proposition as a Sustainability Partner to support our customers in their Zero Carbon emission journey during Q&A session.

We hope all the delegates go away with methods to achieve sustainability goals for their respective company with distributed renewable energy solutions & identify the preferred sustainable financing options tailored to their business needs.