BECIS China Assists Schneider’s Road to “Zero Emissions”

7 Mar, 2023

On Feb. 28, the BECIS China team was invited to the 2023 Schneider’s Supplier Conference. Led by General Manager Hally Huang, Business Development Manager Dillon Rao, and Business Analyst/Marketing Executive Corinna Zhang attended this event. By conducting dialogues and exchanging ideas with Schneider and its over 100 suppliers, experience and thoughts have been shared on how to achieve “zero emission”.

为响应此次“聚力低碳 共创未来”的会议主题,张若萌女士代表BECIS在零碳专题中,发表了《光伏技术在可持续发展工业生产中的应用》为主题的演讲,详细介绍了光伏技术及市场的发展现状和趋势,指出了太阳能在以”零碳“为目标的能源转型中所占的重要地位。同时,张若萌女士还介绍了两种常见的应用在工商业的光伏项目投资模式——第三方投资模式和业主自投模式,并展示了由BECIS中国团队投资建设并维护的两个与施耐德电气合作的屋顶分布式光伏电站,赢得了在场嘉宾的热烈掌声和高度评价。

In response to the “Unity Commits to Net Zero Carbon Emissions and Creates Sustainable Future” theme, Ms. Corinna Zhang delivered a speech on “Application of Photovoltaic Technology in Industrial Sustainability”, introduced the current status and future trends of PV technologies and market in detail, and pointed out the importance of solar energy in transition to “zero emissions” society. Moreover, Ms. Zhang introduced the two common investment modes in C&I solar projects – 3rd party investment or Self-investment and showed the two rooftop DG solar power plants invested by BECIS at Schneider’s sites. Warm applause and high praises were received for this excellent and informative speech.


Driven by China’s “dual carbon” goal and the demands of domestic & international markets, the transition to “zero emissions” is urgently needed. With “Energy-as-a-Service” in mind, BECIS insists on using our professional skills and rich experience to help clients achieve their “carbon neutrality” goal and provide clients with long-term total energy solutions. We take project quality as the core and promise our clients with full project cycle management. Meanwhile, we would like to thank our clients for their recognition and expect to create a greener future with more leading companies in various industries.

……项目展示 Project Showcases……

591.8KW Schneider Xiamen solar project, 2022 yearly generation of 670194kWh and yearly emission reduction of 382t CO2.

591.8KW广州施耐德分布式屋顶光伏项目,2022年实际发电量670194kWh,减排382t CO2

960KW Schneider Guangzhou solar project, 2022 yearly generation of 1191224kWh and yearly emission reduction of 679t CO2.

960KW广州施耐德分布式屋顶光伏项目,2022年实际发电量1191224kWh,减排679t CO2