BECIS and ITOCHU announce a partnership in Thailand to provide onsite sustainable energy solutions.

Berkeley Energy Commercial Industrial Solutions (BECIS), a leading distributed energy solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, and Itochu, headquartered in Japan, today announced the launch of a partnership to provide high-quality onsite solar solutions to commercial and industrial customers in Thailand. Building on BECIS’s established presence in Thailand, the partnership’s primary focus will be on leveraging Itochu’s deep network including its subsidiaries, supply chain partners and the wider range customers in the Consumer-Related sector in Japan.

Onsite solar solutions provided by BECIS, and Itochu will enable customers to achieve their sustainability targets, reduce costs and improve the resilience of their energy Infrastructure with no capital investment required from the customer.

This partnership builds on the successful and strong experience of both partners working together to serve high-quality customers from Itochu’s networks in Thailand since 2018 including Dole, Unicharm and TPN with potential expansion to other markets In Southeast Asia.

“BECIS is pleased to partner with Itochu in the fast-growing sector of distributed energy solutions with both partners aligned in placing a high and uncompromising focus on innovation, quality, safety and service to our customers”, said Kunal Mehta, CEO of BECIS.

“ITOCHU is pleased to announce incorporation of BEIT Solar Co In Thailand.  ITOCHU is committed to achieve Zero Off-set of GHG by 2040.   Hope, through partnership with BECIS, BEIT can contribute to a part of our goal, and bring innovative technologies, ideas, and additional values to our customers, and entire supply-chain of customers for achiving RE100 goal”, said Eiichiro Higashiyama, General Manager of Urban Environmenttal & Power Infrastructure Department of ITOCHU Corporation.


About Berkeley Energy Commercial Industrial Solutions (BECIS)

Berkeley Energy Commercial Industrial Solutions (“BECIS”) is a leading Energy as a Service provider to high quality commercial & industrial (“C&I”) customers. BECIS was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Singapore. BECIS benefits from an aligned and strategically beneficial shareholding group including Berkeley Energy, FMO, Siemens and Norfund-KLP.

We deliver, operate, and maintain distributed energy solutions adopting the ‘Energy-as-a-Service’ operating model currently in eight countries (Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia). For more information, please visit:


Found in 1858, ITOCHU is one of the largest Japanese sogo shosha (general trading company). Among Japanese trading companies, it is distinguished by not being descended from an historical zaibatsu group, but by the strength of its textiles business and its successful business operations in China. It has eight major operational divisions specializing in textiles, machines, metals & minerals, energy & chemicals, food, general products & realty, ICT & financial business, and the 8th company. For more information, please visit


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