Molex Partnered with BECIS China in Decarbonisation Development

1 Dec, 2022

On November 2, 2022, Oplink Zhuhai(a Molex company) and BECIS Group successfully held the commercial operation ceremony of the Zhuhai factory’s 915.6KWp distributed solar power plant. Mr. Maokun Ye, Director of Supply Chain, Mr. Feng Liu, Director, Mr.Songbai Li, Manager of EHS, Mr. Davier Yu, Manager of Category Purchasing. Mr. Xu Chen, Business Development Manager of BECIS China, Mr. Leo Yao, O&M Manager of BECIS China, and other company representatives attended the ceremony.

作为全球电子行业领先的连接器系统提供商,在致力于为各大应用领域提供创新可靠的连接解决方案同时,Molex也一直致力于解决方案的低碳化。此次与BECIS携手开展光伏电站建设,亦是Molex节能减碳的重要一步。本项目自20225月开工,结合国际及BECIS的高标准要求进行设计和建造,选用Tier one供应商设备,充分考虑沿海城市的地域气候影响和建筑本身的特征,并在整个设计建造环节中引入国际第三方公司全程把控质量。在经历疫情和数轮台风的考验后,项目顺利并网,并网后项目将每年为Molex带来约1,000,000KWh电力,并在整个能源管理合同期内预计为Molex带来8,840吨的碳减排量。

As a leading connector system provider in the global electronics industry, Molex is committed to providing innovative and reliable connectivity solutions for a wide range of applications. At the same time, Molex is committed to low-carbon solutions. The cooperation of Solar power plant with BECIS is also an important step for Molex to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The project has been under construction since May 2022. The design and construction of the project have been carried out according to the high international standards and BECIS internal standards. The Tier one supplier has been selected and the project has fully considered the regional climate impact of coastal cities and the characteristics of the building itself, and an international third-party company has been invited to control the quality throughout the whole design and construction. After going through the pandemic control and several typhoons, the project was successfully connected to the grid. Once connected to the grid, the project will generate approximately 1,000,000KWh of electricity per year for Oplink and is expected to reduce 8,840 tons of carbon emission over the lifecycle of the energy management contract.

About Molex


Molex is an American wholly owned connector manufacturer, which was founded in 1938 and headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, USA. The company has 86 factories on six continents in the world, producing more than 100,000 kinds of connector products and mobile phone antenna products, including electronics, electrical appliances, optical connector systems, switch connectors, value-added assembly products, and application molds, interconnection solutions, switches and application tools. The related products are widely used in communications, home appliances, automotive, medical and other fields, enjoying a high reputation. At present, the team of more than 42000 highly skilled employees worldwide is committed to the design, development, and distribution of innovative product solutions that are closely related to people’s lives.