Sustainability is at the core of the BECIS business strategy, and an essential prerequisite for all BECIS solutions. We are proud of our achievements and are confident that we can do more together with the support of our global customers.

We are committed to ensuring practices that have a strong positive impact on the people and communities we work with. This approach dictates our investment strategy and our resilient environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. We believe that value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals and that one cannot be achieved without the other.

Commitment Towards the Health & Safety of Our Teams

Employee Well-being

Our operational standards meet, at least, the applicable labor laws and standards in the jurisdictions where we operate. We take pride in our stride to abide by human rights laws and to offer competitive wages while ensuring the implementation of non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Health & Safety

At BECIS, we are continuously working towards implementing consistent health and safety principles across the organization. We make sure that all risks and opportunities pertaining to Health & Safety are identified regularly, and actively managed by ground teams, with guidance from our in-house E&S leader. It is this untiring commitment that enables us to draw upon local expertise to ensure best practices across the organization.

Focus on Virtuous Conduct


Our people mean the most to us. We are continually working towards maintaining sound governance practices to garner the trust and confidence of our shareholders, and all our stakeholders at large. A continual review of evolving legislation, guidelines, and best practices is undertaken regularly. It is also reflected in our approach, through which we make sure that BECIS employees adhere to the highest integrity standards through regular training and supervision.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embedded in our culture is a commitment to progressing diversity and inclusion across the entire organization. It begins at the recruitment stage, continues through training programs, and then woven into our policies for employees and partner ecosystems. As a global firm, we understand that the best ideas originate when people from different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and skills come together to create harmony across all business practices, levels of seniority, and offices.