Energy Analytics Solution

Measure and Manage Energy Consumption

BECIS energy analytics solutions help Companies optimize their energy consumption through enhanced visibility of their overall energy usage. The solution can be easily updated by BECIS to align with any change at the facility allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Enhance the value of your energy data

We install metering systems at the customer facility for continuous data monitoring.

These meters can record data related to electricity, gas as well as water. This information is collected in real-time through the BECIS Energy Monitoring system and securely transmitted to our cloud-based Energy Analytics platform.

Customers receive real-time information, notifications of energy utilization, and customized reports via personalized web portals, along with regular automated reports.

Based on the data, customers can plan their technical energy optimization initiatives, and monitor its impact through BECIS data energy analytics platform.

data energy analytics process

The BECIS Energy Analytics Advantage


Increased system uptime via predictive maintenance.


Identification of system energy losses to support optimization and decrease energy costs. 


Reduced requirement of operator manhours as well as their exposure to potential hazards.


Track, analyze, aggregate, model, & generate reports of energy utilization through relevant web dashboards and HMIs at the enterprise, facility, meter, and sub-meter levels.


Measure and manage the load demand to avoid penalties from exceeding contract demand.


Real-time notification of system anomalies which can lead to system failure.


Faster data-driven decision making.

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