Zamil Steel – India.

Accelerating energy savings with on-site solar power


Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading pre-engineered buildings (PEB) manufacturers in India.The manufacturing of PEB structures is a power-intensive process and the company needed avenues to reduce its power cost without impacting existing operational capabilities.


Construction of the plant would need to be completed without disturbing factory operations. Stringent safety protocols for scheduling workers and material movement would also be need to work safely on the factory roof.


BECIS installed a solar power plant solution on the south-west metal rooftop..
The installation came with the 'Net Metering' scheme of state electricity distribution company - MSEDCL. It allows injection of unused power generated during the daytime into the grid. The customer receives offsets for the injected power during the night when solar energy is not available.
The installation was equipped with an online plant performance monitoring system; that also enables diesel generator synchronization & reverse power protection. This ensures optimal operations of the solar power system in sync with a diesel generator during a grid outage.

Zamil Steel India
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