Umicore – India – Solar.

Umicore aims at achieving ‘Net-Zero’ GHG Emissions by 2035


Umicore is a materials technology company, focused on offering efficient and environmentally sound material and in developing solutions for clean mobility and recycling for the automobile industry. Umicore global has taken an internal sustainability goal of reducing more than 400 kTons of carbon emissions by 2035. Umicore India decided to set up a solar power plant as an important step towards achieving this goal.


Existing roof is made up of double layered PUF sheet with insulation material sandwiched in between metal sheets. The main challenge while installing on this rooftop was to make sure the roof remains leak-proof.


We used existing screw holes for installing the solar structures on the roof. We have used high-quality sealants to make sure the roof remains leak proof. On the open ground we have installed 1.5-meter-high structures for maximum stability and durability.

Umicore Onsite Solar Plant
BECIS and Umicore India Team
Umicore India Team
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