The Gateway – India.

Solar plant installed on the RCC roof of Xander Group Company – ‘The Gateway’


When it comes to electricity tariffs, Chennai is one of India’s most expensive cities. The Gateway headquartered in the city aspired to optimize its electricity expenditure by leveraging an alternative source of energy such as solar power.


  • To carry out a safe material movement to roofs in the context of an under construction building where major utilities like lifts, HVAC were getting installed.
  • To ensure the safe movement of material to the facility’s roof which was undergoing complex installations like elevators and HVAC.
  • To ensure close coordination between multiple contractors to install the solar power plant during the building construction.
  • To efficiently co-ordinate with multiple contractors for the installation of the solar power plant.
  • To deliver before the set deadlines, for even a minute delay in the solar project commissioning, would have further delayed the issuance of the 'Building Occupancy' certificate to the customer from state authorities.
  • To complete the project prior committed deadlines as the customer required to acquire the ‘building occupancy’ certificate from designated body to commence its operations.
  • To design a power plant that could sustain heavy rains, higher wind speeds, and coastal weather conditions.


  • A 505 keep capacity rooftop solar power plant system was installed on the facility’s RCC roof using non-penetrative structures.
  • BECIS implemented an additional waterproofing layer to avoid any water leakages during Chennai's heavy monsoons.
  • Chennai, being a coastal city, often experiences higher wind velocities. BECIS designed the East-West layout for the PV panels installation to mitigate the wind speed impact on the power plant. It also ensured maximum power generation in the given roof area.
  • The module mounting structures were validated for more than 180 kmph wind speeds before the final installation.
  • The installation was carried out with stringent adherence to safety guidelines in coordination with the building contractor, using tier 1 modules, inverters, and state of the art construction materials.
  • The entire plant has been designed for continuous monitoring using a cloud based (IoT) system for preventive maintenance activities for tracking the system up-time and overall performance.
The Gateway India Onsite Solar
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