SmartCity Kochi – India – Solar.

SmartCity Kochi implements green initiatives for the environment and reduces overall energy cost.


Developed as a knowledge-based information technology township, SmartCity Kochi is spread over 246 acres. This township wanted to run several green projects and create positive examples to encourage further sustainability initiatives.


The SmartCity Kochi project presented a number of challenges ranging from cost-effectively integrating the solution within an existing electrical network to completing the installation during the heavy monsoon season of Kerala.


BECIS delivered one of the largest onsite solar solutions among the IT parks in Kerala. The solar solution used high efficiency modules, multi-string inverters and corrosion resistant mounting structures. BECIS also implemented an online monitoring system to maximise the solution’s performance and synchronise with the diesel generator and grid.

SmartCity Kochi India
SmartCity Kochi India Onsite Solar
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