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SmartCity Kochi – India.

Ensure green initiatives for bettering the environment and reducing the facility's overall energy cost.


Developed as a knowledge-based information technology township, SmartCity Kochi spreads over 246 acres. It is a joint venture company formed by the Kerala government and Dubai Holding.

This township aims to ensure setting-up of various green initiatives for the betterment of the environment. SmartCity Kochi wanted to implement an onsite renewable power generation solution to reduce the overall energy cost and carbon footprints of the entire facility and inspire their co-developers to do the same by setting an example.


  • To install a power plant in an operational IT park while following extremely high standard safety protocols.
  • To carry out material movement only on weekends and holidays while observing safety policies laid out by SmartCity.
  • To install a 90 kWp solar power plant over a car parking lot at two different locations within the premises and integrating the same within an existing electrical network without significant cost escalation.
  • To complete the project installation during the stormy & heavy monsoon of Kerala.


  • BECIS has financed, designed, engineered, and commissioned a 564 kWp capacity RCC rooftop and car parking lot solar power plants under the OPEX model by signing a long-term power purchase agreement with SmartCity Kochi.
  • Out of the 564-kWp capacity, 475-kWp capacity was installed on the RCC roof and 90 kWp on the vehicle-parking structure. This installation is one of the largest rooftop solar installations among the IT parks in Kerala.
  • The solar plant at SmartCity Kochi comprises of 355 Wp high efficiency ‘PERC’ (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology modules that provide 14% higher power generation per square meter.
  • The PV modules installed using corrosion resistant POSCO (POSMAC) mounting structures came with Mg, Al & Zn alloy coatings.
  • BECIS installed 20 kWp, 36 kWp, 50 kWp, and 6o kWp IP 65 grade multi-MPPT string inverters that require low start input voltage.
  • BECIS also implemented an IoT-based monitoring system to maximize the power plant's performance, together with a control system to enable seamless synchronization of the power plant with the diesel generator and grid
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