Singapore Airlines Engineering – Philippines – Solar.

Supporting Singapore Airlines Engineering's thrust towards sustainability.


Singapore Airlines Engineering Philippines (SIAEP)’s sought out eco-friendly solutions to support their growing operations in the Philippines and to achieve sustainability targets.


Right after contract signing, the national government declared a 1-month nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19. Although restrictions were somewhat eased in the following months, the limited movement of equipment and deployment of personnel presented challenges in the implementation of the project. Additional safety measures were also put in place to avoid any risk of infection or a localized cluster to develop during the construction stage.


With the support of SIAEP, the BECIS team was able to find efficient and resourceful ways to proceed with the delivery of the solar equipment and with construction while maintaining strict safety protocols to avoid COVID-19 exposure and infection. On top of complying with the government’ quarantine guidelines, BECIS and SIAEP worked together and developed various standard operating procedures to ensure the safety and health of all stakeholders involved during construction.

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