Shemar Electric – China – Solar.

Shemar Electric reduces its energy cost and achieves an estimated GHG reduction of 25,300 tCO2e.


Shemar Electric is insisting on promoting the development of the power industry and also aim to exploring more economical and greener ways of its own energy consumption.


Shemar Electric is the largest composite insulator manufacturer in China who has a much higher requirement regarding the safety of PV Power Plant.


The project has fully considered the shadow avoidance of the smoke vent skylight and equipment area, installed durable galvanized steel operation & maintenance walkways and RSD. This not only automatically reduces the output voltage of the components to a safe level in case of equipment failure, but also captures the real-time data on the component level through the online monitoring system, ensuring that the energy management team of Shemar can also login to the monitoring platform to check the real-time performance of the solar power system at any time.

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Shemar Electric Chinna Onsite Solar
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