Mercedes-Benz – India – Solar.

Mercedes-Benz India aims for a 75% Green Energy manufacturing facility with onsite solar solutions.


Mercedes-Benz has global ambitions to be carbon neutral by 2039 with a fleet of emission-free vehicles.


The Mercedes-Benz India project would be installed across a number of large rooftops, which would also require laying long lengths of communication cable. The solution would also need to ensure no back-feed of electricity into the grid and synchronization of all plants spread across the facility.


The onsite solution delivered by BECIS has enabled Mercedes-Benz India to make significant strides towards achieving sustainability goals and reducing cost of electricity. The onsite solar solution utilised high-efficiency modules and multi-string inverters to maximise the generation across 11 rooftops. The solution also incorporated an online system and a controller to control back-feed to the grid.

Onsite Solar Mercedes Benz India
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