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Heineken – Indonesia.

Reduce Heineken energy cost & achieve significant GHG reduction by adoption of biomass heat.


Driven by sustainability goals, Heineken was looking to implement a bioenergy solution as a replacement for fossil fuel for its production plant in Mojokerto, Indonesia.


  • Limited solutions were available to displace the use of natural gas and/or diesel onsite for steam supply in a cost-effective and sustainable manner in Indonesia.
  • Ensuring the biomass used is procured in a sustainable and responsible manner as well as maximizing the recycling of waste materials from the biomass facility.


  • In June 2018, BECIS engineered a 7 MW capacity bioenergy-based solution to supply 100% of the steam required by Heineken at their Mojokerto facility. A long-term agreement was signed by Heineken with BECIS to purchase steam with the financing, construction, sustainable biomass feedstock supply, operations, and maintenance of the plant managed by BECIS.
  • The biomass boiler has replaced the conventional natural gas-fired boiler with steam generated now by burning a mixture of sustainably procured biomass including agricultural waste (rice husk) and wood processing industry waste (wood chips).
  • The ash produced from the operation of the biomass facility is being used again as raw material for fertilizer to support agriculture in the surrounding community.
  • BECIS has implemented an online monitoring and control system for real-time process visualization and performance monitoring of the biomass facility.
  • Based on the success of the first facility, BECIS is constructing a second biomass facility for Heineken at their facility in Jakarta.
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