On July 6, 2022, Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. and BECIS signed a 15-year Onsite Solar Service Agreement for a 1.55 MWp grid-tied ground mounted solar project located at Minda, Carmen, Davao del Norte, Philippines. The solar installation will supply daytime electricity to the eighteen packing houses, irrigation systems, offices and other facilities of the 6,000-hectare banana plantation of TADECO, a leading producer of world class Cavendish bananas exported all over Asia and Middle East. During the span of the 15-year term, the solar solution will generate an expected yield of 33,857 MWh it and will offset at least 20,580 tons equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to the efforts of planting 339,586 tree seedlings. During the contract signing ceremony, key representatives from TADECO and BECIS shared the following messages. See highlights of the messages below: Mr. Rahul Dasari, Managing Director for BECIS Philippines and India “Our aim is to deliver clean reliable energy solutions and to support towards continuous growth of TADECO as an important catalyst in bringing Mindanao to the world…For the 25 year life span of the panels, the greenhouse gas emission reduction increases to almost 33,037 tons of equivalent CO2, the trees that need to be planted to offset this is equal to 545,000 tree seedlings and almost 7,000 cars off the road. So by no means is this a small feat. We should all congratulate ourselves for moving in this direction in making the planet and society a better place.Thank you very much, Daghang Salamat.” Mr. Alexis Cantil, First Vice President, Agriculture Operations, TADECO “I’m very pleased with this latest development, not only for TADECO but for our partnership. Within the Davao del Norte province, we are a top ranking energy consumer. So for many years it has been a constant concern for us, how to reduce the cost of our electricity usage…I am positive that this project will make a strong financial and environmental impact to TADECO. I am confident and optimistic that this is the right choice for the future of our operations. It is high time for us to do this. This will not only benefit our company, but also the community. Let us all support this new endevour.”

(L-R) BECIS Philippines BD Manager Meg Honrado, Managing Director Rahul Dasari, General Manager Dennis Chan Ibarra, TADECO First Vice President Alexis Cantil and Senior AVP Dante Arevalo.

BECIS Philippines team with TADECO team

BECIS Philippines GM Dennis Ibarra surveys the project site with Project Manager Rayson Manuel, O&M Engr. Ryan Flores and TADECO Engr. Geovanni Masillones

About Tagum Agricultural Development Company Inc. (TADECO)
TADECO is the flagship company of the ANFLO Group of Companies. With more than 40 years in banana operations, it has maintained its world-class quality bananas following stringent international standards in the industry. TADECO is part of the Top 1000 Philippine Corporations ranking #309 in 2020. For more information, please visit https://www.anflocor.com/

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