Facilities require utilities like air-conditioning, compressed air, water, and power for creating required comfort conditions and carrying out its operations. Traditionally, for power and water, utilities sign long-terms contracts with the consumers. Utilities charge facility owners a combination of fixed cost and pay-as-use basis. However, equipment for utilities like air-conditioning and compressed air are traditionally owned and operated by the consumer. Air-conditioning plays a vital role in businesses. It provides comfort and is also required to deliver certain products and services. About 10% of total electricity generated globally is used for the purpose of space-cooling.
India’s cooling-related energy demand is expected to increase from just 90 TWh in 2016 to 1350 TWh in 2050 – a 15-fold increase. This increased demand is going to put extreme pressure on electrical infrastructure in the country. Hence it is need of the hour to focus on reducing energy intensity of space cooling. Efficient cooling is also expected to accrue substantial savings in electricity bills and GHG emissions. So, just like any other water or power utility, it is a need of the hour to handover your cooling requirement to cooling experts who are incentivized to operate HVAC system efficiently.
BECIS Offering: To meet the efficient cooling demand, BECIS provides Cooling-As-A-Service (CaaS) solution to high quality commercial and industrial consumers in the country. Under CaaS model BECIS designs, installs, commissions, and operates entire HVAC system as per the consumer’s requirement. BECIS has the technical capability and financial strength to execute both electrical and thermal (waste heat) cooling projects. Thermal cooling projects are suitable in cases where waste heat from process steam, gas engines and turbines etc. is available. Projects under CaaS model can be both for brownfield facilities for HVAC systems with suboptimal performance or can be for greenfield facilities where new HVAC infrastructure is required. Entire design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems is taken up by BECIS while consumer simply pays a fixed rate on per tons of Refrigeration (TRh) delivered. The delivered TRh is measured at by BTU meter installed at the site. Benefits to the Consumer: – Financial – No upfront capital – Financial savings from efficient operation of HVAC system – Operational simplicity – Assured performance – Digitization of entire HVAC system – Outsourcing non-core activity to third party minimizes operational risk and staff management – Integrated outsourcing of utilities to single partner BECIS – solar, energy storage, cooling, biomass based thermal etc. – Achieve sustainability targets