大陆集团HBS常熟工厂2.12 MWp屋顶分布式光伏发电项目并网仪式

Continental HBS Changshu Plant 2.12 MW Rooftop Solar PV Project

Grid Connection Ceremony

大陆汽车系统常熟有限公司2.12 MW分布式光伏电站全景 Full view of Solar Power Plant

大陆汽车(常熟)总经理Mr.Dammann Nils BECIS董事总经理Mr.Arnaud Dauvillier合影

Changshu -China, November 26th, 2021,

11月26日,大陆集团HBS常熟工厂与上海希必能源科技有限公司在大陆集团HBS常熟工厂举办了2.12MWp分布式光伏电站并网仪式。大陆集团HBS常熟工厂总经理Dammann Nils先生, 供应链总监胡灵芝女士,亚太区域品类采购经理董燕萍女士,工厂采购经理顾元吉先生,NPL经理马军政先生,BECIS 董事总经理Mr. Arnaud Dauvillier, BECIS中国总经理黄春乐先生等双方代表出席了本次仪式。

On November 26, Continental HBS Changshu Plant and BECIS China Holding Co., Ltd. held a 2.12 MWp distributed Solar power plant grid-connection ceremony at the Continental HBS Changshu Plant. Mr. Dammann Nils, the General Manager of Continental HBS Changshu Plant, Ms. Michelle Hu, Head of SCM Dept., Ms. Stephanie Dong, NPM regional category manager, Mr. Bruce Gu, Plant Purchasing Manager, Mr. John Ma, Manager of NPL Management, and Mr. Arnaud Dauvillier, the Managing director of BECIS, Mr. Hally Huang, the General Manager of BECIS China, and other representatives of both parties attended the ceremony.

双方嘉宾剪彩 Ribbon cutting

马军政先生主持发言 Mr.John Ma as the host & speaker

NPL经理马军政作为本次仪式的主持人,同时也作为本次仪式的第一位发言人,向与座嘉宾对项目情况进行了总结。本着为大陆集团HBS常熟工厂建设高品质、低风险光伏电站的理念,大陆集团HBS常熟工厂与BECIS协同FM Global保险公司,甲级设计院等多方进行商务及技术方案的探讨交流,历经近11个月的交流后,双方最终确认以2.12 MWp作为项目装机容量进行项目施工,BECIS也全程邀请了国际知名第三方检测认证公司德国TÜV莱茵进行质量管控检测。

As the host of this ceremony, who also the first speaker of this ceremony, Mr. John Ma, Manager of NPL Management, summarized the project information. Based on the concept of building high-quality & low-risk Solar power plants for Continental HBS Changshu Plant, Continental HBS Changshu Plant and BECIS collaborated with FM Global Insurance Company, Class A Design Institute and other parties to discuss business and technical solutions. After nearly 11 months’ hard working together, the two parties finally confirmed project construction at total scale of 2.12 MWp. BECIS also appointed the global-leading third-party TÜV Rheinland to conduct quality control testing throughout the project.

Mr.Dammann Nils发表讲话

大陆集团HBS常熟工厂总经理Mr. Dammann Nils在他的讲话中表示:“通过与BECIS合作安装建设高品质光伏电站,通过使用绿色电力实现节能减排,是工厂可持续发展战略中重要的一步。将来,我们会继续承担社会责任,为实现可持续发展目标而努力,也期望能与BECIS在节能减排的道路上建立更多的深入合作。”

“The installation and construction of high-quality Solar power plant in cooperation with BECIS and the use of green electricity to achieve energy saving and carbon emission reduction is a key step of our plant’s overall sustainable development strategy. In the future, we will continue to take social responsibility and strive for achieving sustainable development goals. We also look forward to more in-depth cooperation with BECIS on the road of energy saving and carbon emission reduction.” Quoted from Mr. Dammann Nils.

Mr.Arnaud Dauvillier发表讲话

作为光伏电站的投资方,BEICS 董事总经理Mr. Arnaud Dauvillier表示:“大陆集团拥有150年的发展历史,规划了全面的可持续发展路径。我们很高兴通过本项目大陆集团HBS常熟工厂建立起25年的合作伙伴关系,成为可持续发展道路中坚实的一部分。今天对我们来说,是特别的一天, 我们也期待未来为大陆集团HBS常熟工厂带来更多节能低碳的分布式能源解决方案,助力工厂和大陆集团实现碳中和目标。”

As the investor of Continental’s Solar power plant, Mr. Arnaud Dauvillier said: “Group Continental has a 150-years history of development and has planned a comprehensive sustainable development path. We are very pleased to establish a 25-year cooperation with Continental HBS Changshu Plant through this project. The partnership has become a solid part of the sustainable development road. Today is a special day for us. We also look forward to bringing more energy-saving and low-carbon distributed energy solutions to Continental in the future to help Changshu Plant and Group Continental achieve its carbon neutral target.”


BECIS总部位于新加坡,在亚洲拥有大量且不断增长的业务。作为领先的能源即服务(EaaS)供应商,BECIS相信,能源的去碳化、分散化和数字化是使企业实现可持续经营的关键。能源即服务:BECIS通过能源即服务模式开发、建设、运营和持有分布式能源解决方案,帮助客户在实现其可持续发展关键目标、提高成本效率和能源基础设施弹性时,降低了风险和复杂程度。所有这些都不需要客户进行资本投资。 在Berkeley EnergyFMOSiemensNorfund-KLP等股东们的一致支持下,BECIS通过为客户提供能源即服务的行动,坚定致力于可持续发展事业


Energy as a Service : With the EaaS model, BECIS develops, constructs, operates and owns distributed energy solutions. This reduces the risk and complexity for our customers whilst achieving their key objectives of sustainability, increased cost efficiency and resilience of their energy infrastructure, all with no requirement for capital investment. BECIS, benefiting from highly aligned shareholders, Berkeley Energy, FMO, Siemens, and Norfund-KLP, is firmly committed to sustainability by delivering Energy as a Service for our customers.

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Continental is a German transport industry manufacturer of innovative intelligent technologies. Continental acts as a partner with strong strength and reliable technology, international automobile supplier, tire manufacturer and other industrial partners. It provides sustainable, safe, comfortable and affordable solutions for the entire automotive industry. In 2019, the total sales volume created by each business unit of the group was about 44.5 billion euros. At present, it has 235000 employees in 58 countries around the world. In 2021, Continental celebrated its 150th anniversary.

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