BECIS is pleased to connect with Cambodia Institute for Research and Rural Development (CIRD) to provide the husk ash from the biomass plant that we have been working for our respectful client, HEINEKEN Cambodia, to convert into natural fertilizer to CRID to provide to farmers to use to support their rice growing and also help to reduce some costs for farmers as well.
This action reaffirms the commitment from BECIS CEO, Mr. Eren. Speaking at the inauguration of the biomass plant for HEINEKEN Cambodia on September 22, 2022 “Circular economy is another very important area of focus for BECIS and up to 50% of the ash generated from this new bioenergy plant will be used as organic fertilizer by the local rice farmers in Cambodia” Thank HEINEKEN Cambodia for our partnership driving a better environment in Cambodia and Thank to CIRD for a great connection for improving our community. Special thanks to Miss. Bonita from BECIS Cambodia team for driving this initiative.
About CIRD Cambodia Institute for Research and Rural Development (CIRD) is one of a non-governmental professional organization​ which aim to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Cambodia through capacity building, service and organizational management support enabling rural livelihood systems to improve its position from a subsistence system to an income-generating agro-food production and agricultural social enterprises system compatible/consistent with Biodiversity and Environmental conservation. CIRD program also supported technical skill for farmers to achieve No.1 best long grain jasmine rice in the World recently. BECIS Cambodia would like to congratulate the Cambodian farmers who have been selected as the No1 best long grain jasmine rice in the World.