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Ennovie Revolutionises the Jewellery Industry with Innovative Sustainability Solutions

A Responsible Star is Born
Design impacts humanity. Ethical design is at the heart of leading jewellery manufacturer, Ennovie, which prides itself on the sustainable development of its products while keeping environmental, societal, and economic considerations in mind.

Ennovie, started in 2014, creates innovative and beautiful jewellery pieces sustainably for generations to come. ‘Responsible innovation’ perfectly describes the way it operates. Many companies often discuss reducing environmental impact across their business; however, few holistically address energy and waste consumption across the entire value chain.

Ennovie is a company with a difference – placing sustainability at its forefront to provide innovative products to its customers. “Sustainability is at the heart of all we do. When we first started this company, we wanted everything to be as sustainable and efficient as possible. Everything from sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing process in terms of energy consumption had to be sustainable to achieve our sustainability goals,” affirms Raphael Galdini, Chief Executive Officer of Ennovie.

A decarbonisation strategy that reduces economic and environmental impact
Ennovie built the world’s first 100 percent renewable jewellery manufacturing hub in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, with sustainability in mind. “We were not seeking energy cost savings but a clean and sustainable solution”, said Galdini. “All energy cost savings were invested back into the business, from redesigning production processes, upgrading machinery and ERP systems for greater energy efficiency”, he adds.

In June 2019, Ennovie partnered with BECIS to accelerate its sustainability transformation. A team of BECIS experts worked towards bringing Ennovie’s net zero dreams to life. They analysed data on the current state of energy, water, waste, and carbon to determine baselines.

A customised roadmap outlining steps to help Ennovie bridge its sustainability goals was developed. Experts identified and addressed gaps in energy consumption patterns by analysing Ennovie’s Building Manufacturing System (BMS) data. As Ennovie’s pioneering mindset was to have a solar solution that maximises electricity generation to provide cleaner energy rather than cost savings, appropriate steps were taken to maximise renewable energy capacity and optimise consumption.

Taking Action to Become Net Zero by 2023
BECIS implemented a hybrid solar solution, with solar panels installed on the manufacturing facility’s rooftop, complemented by solar storage batteries to store any excess energy generated. This holistic solution would ensure a consistent and clean energy supply for Ennovie’s needs.

However, technical implementation came with its own set of unique challenges. Each phase had to be completed within a tight timeframe, so efficient manpower resource allocation by BECIS was crucial. The team also had to factor in volatility in weather, which lowers solar production and makes it difficult to ensure a consistent supply of electricity to power Ennovie’s manufacturing facility. In addition, the BECIS team had to ensure the recommended solar solution was-

aligned with Thai regulations, which, for example, prevented renewable solar energy from being exported to the grid.

BECIS worked quickly to overcome these challenges with Ennovie’s support. They used high-efficiency modules and multi-string inverters to maximise energy generation in this hybrid solar solution. Battery storage was also installed. Excess electricity generated is stored in batteries, so any un-consumed power is not wasted and used by Ennovie during non-daylight hours.

Ennovie’s manufacturing site today fulfils 65% of its overall energy needs through on-site renewable generation with this hybrid solar solution. The next goal is to meet 95% of energy needs from on-site renewable generation in line with the net zero standards from the Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi), before reaching

100% by the end of the project. This commitment to renewable energy has also contributed to tangible business benefits for Ennovie. The company has doubled its turnover for the last five years and is poised for future success, having grown 80% in 2021 alone.

Greener energy for a more sustainable future
“Ugo Bernal and the team at BECIS have been a fantastic partner in helping Ennovie establish ourselves as a leader in sustainability across the jewellery manufacturing industry. By providing the technical expertise and solutions to deliver on our promise of sustainable innovation, BECIS helps us bridge our goal of being the first on-site 100 percent renewable energy jewellery craftsmanship globally while working around the unique challenges that our company faces,” says Galdini.

Ennovie continues to establish more sustainable practices from the ground up to nurture a culture of sustainable innovation and growth. Putting ethics at the heart of the design process challenges Ennovie to continue evolving to meet market and stakeholder expectations for responsible sourcing. “Ennovie is building a blockchain where customers can trace the raw materials from source and ultimately to our end products. Customers can access all information through a QR code to understand their carbon footprint and ensure more responsible purchasing decisions”, affirms Galdini.

The future looks bright. BECIS remains committed to providing energy-as-a-service, supporting Ennovie’s renewable energy production needs by optimising renewable energy usage and minimising carbon footprint through its technology solutions and expertise. Galdini remains optimistic about the more sustainable future looming on the horizon. “I have full confidence that this partnership with BECIS will continue to reach even greener heights”, he adds.

December 2021